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LEPTON: a Lightweight Emulation PlaTform for Opportunistic Networking

LEPTON is an emulation platform that has been primarily designed to allow the developers of opportunistic networking software (i.e., middleware and/or applications) to run their software systems with simulated mobility.

Unlike other emulation platforms, LEPTON does not require exotic networking equipment, and it does not even require deploying virtual machines on one or several hosts. A simple laptop or desktop workstation running Linux can easily support emulation-based experiments involving up to a couple hundred nodes, and larger experiments can be run on any cluster of Linux machines.

Being an emulator rather than a simulator, LEPTON is meant to drive the communication between full-featured instances of an opportunistic networking system (a.k.a. OppNet system), each instance determining the behavior of one system node (SN) during the simulation. To date only a few existing OppNet systems are openly distributed, but LEPTON can already operate with several of these systems, and others should be included over time: