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DoDWAN 4.1
You will need the binary distribution if you want to run DoDWAN on a laptop or desktop workstation (Linux recommended), either as a stand-alone system or in combination with LEPTON.
The source distribution is only useful if you want to explore DoDWAN's source code, or change it according to your needs.

DoDWAN 4.1 Plugins
Set of plugins you can use with DoDWAN (see the DoDWAN plugins documentation).
Generic NAPI (version 1.0)
TCP-based NAPI implementation (version 1.0)
Websocket-based NAPI implementation (version 1.0)
Yjs Provider (version 1.0)

An Android app based on DoDWAN 3.1. Runs on Android tablets and smartphones (Android 2.3 and later).

DoDWAN older versions
DoDWAN 3.1 binaries
DoDWAN 3.1 source